Business Advisory at GSTA

Besides bookkeeping, accounting, reporting and tax compliance, we can help businesses improve their profitability, pay less taxes, enhance their cash flow, reduce cost, and become more efficient.

Our Advisory services are designed to help you reach your financial objectives and achieve business goals in a fast way. We are happy to discuss your business challenges and guide you towards solutions to achieve your goals and solve your issues. Here are some areas where we have experience providing solutions:

Cash Flow Improvement

It is a common issue with most small businesses. We can help review your sales, purchases, debtors, creditors, payroll processes and provide ideas on collections and payments. We also prepare cash flow forecasts and projections for your short-term needs and review your financial position and credibility to access finance.

Financial Review and Performance Analysis

We can review and analyze your financial results in a regular basis and provide you with ideas for increased revenue and profits.

Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Many businesses are flying blind without a roadmap to help them know where they are going. We can help you build a business plan including financial budget to be able to have a clear picture for the future of your business.

Capital Expenditure and Project Analysis

We can review your fixed assets and analyze your capital expenditures to help you prioritize the right projects for your business necessary to achieve your goals and move forward.

Risk Management and Internal Control Review

We can help you identify the risk associated with your business activities, manage those risks by establishing a stronger internal control system and/or by transferring risk to the insurance.

Business Valuation

We can help you determine the value of your business by using one of our business valuation techniques.